Testimony of God’s Supernatural Provision

Testimony of God's Goodness

In 1998, while still living in South Africa, I was reading a book about a great man of faith. In the book he was telling of how God had moved mountains for him and how he had seen God do impossible things. One of the things that really stuck with me was when he said that when we ask God for something we need to be specific. We need to stick to what we are believing God for, and not waver. Well I took this to heart. A friend of mine was getting married in Cape Town in early January and had invited me to the wedding. It was around July and I figured I had plenty of time to earn the money for the two hour plane ticket from … Read More

Testimonies of God- Testimonies of a Good God Book

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Testimonies of God Testimonies of God Testimonies of a Good God  book by Byron van der Merwe   Do you struggle to see God as a good God? Do you doubt His goodness when life doesn’t go your way? We all have at times, but this is an amazing true story of God’s goodness, grace and miracles, in spite of some really tough circumstances. Through the death of his sister, the near death of his brother, a heartbreak after a failed relationship, attempted shootings, car wrecks, bad medical reports, and many trials, Byron testifies of the goodness and grace of God even when life just didn’t make sense. But this book is not just about trials, it’s about faith, hope and victory in Jesus and His word. It’s about the … Read More

Stop camping in the dark valleys

dark valleys

Stop camping in the dark valley The Bible says that we will walk through the valley of the shadow of death. There are seasons when we have to walk through dark things sometimes, but the key is we need to keep walking and not stop and camp there. We are meant to walk through the dark valleys into the feast that the Lord has prepared for us. Today if you have been camping in a dark valley, pick up your tent and keep walking until you reach the table that the Lord has prepared for you and your family. His Goodness and Mercy are waiting for you there. Scripture reading Psalm 23. Other devotions can be found here. Byron from Living in Victory ministries sends out regular devotions, Christian encouragement … Read More