Testimonies of a Good God by Byron van der Merwe

Are you convinced God is able to protect, heal and redeem you from any situation?

This is an amazing true story, of God’s goodness, grace and miracles.

Byron speaks simply and openly of how God has shown His goodness through some really tough circumstances.

Through the death of his sister, the near death of his brother, a heartbreak after a failed relationship, attempted shootings, car wrecks, bad medical reports, and many trials, Byron testifies of the goodness and grace of God even when life just didn’t make sense.

But this book is not just about trials, it’s about faith, hope and victory in Jesus. It’s about the amazing victory Byron and his wife Tammie have experienced in Jesus, even through the times when it felt like God was absent.

It’s not a “Christian cheerleading” book, saying God is good and life has been so easy. No there have been some real challenges, but Byron has still seen God’s goodness and faithfulness shine through the challenges. This book encourages you to dig deeper into scripture, to grow your relationship with the Lord and stretches your faith to believe that God is still the God of the impossible.

Finishing the book you’re left with an excitement and joy to start reading your Bible. Eager to learn more how to practically apply God’s Word more in everyday life. If God did it them, then surely He could do it for you too.


I have known Byron and Tammie for a few years now. I have had the pleasure of praying with them and have seen the authority and power of their prayers. Having just read this book I can see why they pray and speak the way they do. Byron is able to encourage and strengthen those who are in trouble or facing difficulties. You don’t become an overcomer without going through some battles, so as you read about Tammie and Byron’s journey you will be energised for your own breakthroughs and victories. Our Heavenly Father is indeed a Good God!

John Alcock
Co- founder of  Mobilisenow ministries.

I have known Byron & Tammie for about 8 years now. The two things that stand out above all else about them are they are humble people and they have incredible faith, especially in the area of finance.
They live by a simple paradigm that if it says it in Gods word then it must be true and I can base my life on it.
I know that at numerous times over these years, when faced with major financial decisions, I seek out their advise because I know it will be both faith filled and real.
I’ve also watched how Father has refined them over time and how they posses the humility to let him change them and make them more like Jesus.
You can trust the man writing these stories because they aren’t pet theories or vain imaginations, they are the realities he and Tammie have faced together with Jesus.

Paul Harper
Pastor and Elder Kingsgate Church Kingston upon Thames

Congratulations Byron & Tammie, Your book is so full of wonderful testimonies of God’s goodness upon your lives. It is a must read for every Christian whether they are or not facing giants, trials or tribulations. This book is jam packed with so many encouraging testimonies, all praise and glory to God – our good God who loves giving His children good gifts. Amen!!
May your sell thousands of copies of your book.
Blessings with our loveArnold & Gisela Nel

Arnold & Gisela Nel
Lead pastors Lusaka Family Church

We have been friends with Byron and Tammie for many years now and have witnessed firsthand how they have stepped out in faith and in turn seen Gods faithfulness to them through their obedience to His call.

They are genuinely passionate about Jesus and have inspired us in so many ways to live a more obedient and generous life.

‘Testimonies of a good God’ will inspire you and fill you with Faith and Courage to step out and be obedient to Gods call on your life. – An excellent read!

Tim and Paula Petersen
Lead pastors CityHill Church Amanzimtoti

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