Trusting God is a decision.

Trust in God

Trusting God is a choice.

Trusting God can be hard sometimes. Trust in God is not always about the way we feel, but rather about what we choose to believe. Feelings are great but they are not always right. Take Gideon for example ( see Judges 6 & 7). Israel was completely oppressed by the Midianites. Every time they planted anything their enemy would destroy it. Just when Gideon felt like God had left them as a nation, an angel of the Lord appeared to him. The angel told Gideon that God would use him to deliver Israel from the hands of their enemies. Yet Gideon hardly felt like he was able, he saw himself as the weakest in his clan and he had doubts about whether God was still with them. However, as he chose to trust God, God met him where he was at and  over a period of time God showed himself faithful to His word. In spite of how Gideon initially felt God used him to deliver Israel.

I remember a time in our lives when we had to choose to trust God. Last year my wife Tammie was hospitalised with a complication from giving birth to our son. I didn’t feel like trusting God with this as we had already been through a serious complication with the birth of our daughter. Although God had shown Himself faithful and restored Tammie before, why did God allow this to happen and how could I be sure He would come through for us again? In spite of how we felt, we had to make a decision to trust God. God met us where we were at and it turned out to not be serious and today Tammie is healed and well. He is so faithful.

I encourage you to make a decision to trust God. Lay your feelings aside and put your trust in God. He will always meet you where you are at and as you choose to trust Him, He will be faithful to His word.



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