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Free Christian EBook

We are giving you a FREE copy of my best selling Christian eBook "Testimonies of a Good God"


  •       “Testimonies of a Good God” has been very well received and catapulted to the #1 spot on Amazon free Books as a free Christian Ebook in two different categories on it launch weekend in 2016 , with over 3100 copies downloaded in the first 3 days of its launch.


  •       Recently “Testimonies of a Good God” was  the number #2 bestselling Christian ebook on Amazon in it’s category .


  •      "Testimonies of a Good God", has been featured on UCB2 radio, where Byron and Tammie shared their story on the Ruth O'Reilly-Smith show. United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) are one of the largest Christian broadcasters in the United Kingdom and their signal is broadcast to over 50 million homes through DAB radio.


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Free Christian eBook

       Have you ever hit an obstacle and struggled to believe that God is Good?


Well, I have seen the Goodness of God through some really difficult situations and I wanted to give you a FREE copy of my Amazon bestselling Christian eBook  “Testimonies of a Good God”.


Life isn’t always easy and there are times when we need to hear someone’s testimony to encourage us while we are still going through the test part of our future testimony. 



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Simply share this FREE eBook offer on one of your social media channels and we will send you a free audio book copy of "Testimonies of a Good God" too. 


There are no strings attached, just share it, and perhaps tag a friend who needs their faith stirred and we will send you a free copy.  



PS: I'm not trying to make money from this project, I just want people to hear of God's goodness. In reality though advertising is expensive and I have a limited budget for this, so the more people who can share this story, the more God can be glorified through this, and the further the reach will be. I may have an amazing story of seeing the goodness of God through some really tough circumstances and already I have heard many reports of people being set free and encouraged through this book. But if we are to see more lives changed then I simply can't do this alone. Only through your support and sharing of this offer and this book will we see more people impacted by the goodness and the Love of Jesus. So join with me and tell the world about HIM.   


Also, just to be clear, this is not a competition. Each and every person who fills in their details and shares the post will receive both the Ebook and Audio book absolutely free. There is no limit on the number of copies that we are giving away but there will be a time limit to this offer. So get yours now. Don't delay.




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"Honest and real account of the greatness of Jesus in everyday life


What I really enjoyed about this book was that it is truly an honest account. You are taken on a journey that tells of victories and also the trials along the way. It's relatable and deals with the fact that we're all human and have doubts. The resounding truth, though, describes the "Extraordinary God".


Dylan- encouraged reader

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